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Neuroimaging and Brainnetome Laboratory focuses on genetically engineering mice brainnetome with neuroimaging, especially 9.4T and 16.4T MRI scanners, and other techniques. It is a collaboration platform between Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) in Beijing and Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, Australia. It closely collaborates with Brainnetome Center at CASIA in Beijing and its branch at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, to study basic theory, methodologies and algorithms, platform of the Brainnetome at multiple scales, and their applications in neurological and psychiatric diseases.


TianziJiang uestc

Name: Tianzi Jiang, Professor, Lab director

Email:  jiangtz@nlpr.ia.ac.cn

Research  Interests: Brain Mapping, Brainnetome

URL: http://www.brainnetome.org/en/tianzijiang

YuanchaoZhang uestc

Name: Yuanchao Zhang, Associate Professor

Email:  yuanchao.zhang8@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Structure MRI Based Brain and Network Analyses

JiaojianWang uestc

Name: Jiaojian Wang, Lecturer

Email:  jiaojianwang@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Human and non-Human Primates Brain Atlas and Evolution, Brain Network, Cognitive Neuroimaging



2010 PhD Students      
XiaojingZhang uestc

Name: Xiaojing Fang

Email:  xiaojing.fang.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Functional Connectivity and Application

YanWu uestc

Name: Yan Wu

Email:  yan.wu.2012@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Sex-Specific Neural Circuits of Emotion Regulation

2011 PhD Students      
JiaojianWang uestc

Name: Jiaojian Wang

Email:  jiaojianwang@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Mapping, Atlas

Dissertation Title: Mapping the Human Lateral Parietal and Temporal Cortex Based on Different Connectivity Patterns

HuawangWu uestc

Name: Huawang Wu

Email:  huawangwu@126.com

Research  Interests: Structural MRI Research in Schizophrenia

YaqinZhang uestc

Name: Yaqin Zhang

Email:  yaqin.zhang.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

Dissertation Title: Parietal atlas and Its Application

2012 PhD Students      
ChaoWang uestc

Name: Chao Wang

Email:  chao.wang.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Imaging Genomics

Dissertation Title: The Regulation Mechanism of The Dopamine Pathway Related Genes on The Brain Networks

JunjieZhuo uestc

Name: JunjieZhuo

Email:  junjie.zhuo.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

2013 PhD Students      
YuejunLi uestc

Name: Yuejun Li

Email:  yuejun.li.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Network, Epilepsy, MEG

2014 PhD Students      
LijieWang uestc

Name: Lijie Wang

Email:  ljwang@uestc.edu.cn

Research  Interests: Functional MRI, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

YongfengYang uestc

Name: Yongfeng Yang

Email:  yongfeng_200888@126.com

Research  Interests: TMS, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder

2015 PhD Students      
YiniHe uestc

Name: Yini He

Email:  heyini1989@163.com

Research  Interests: Neuroimaging, Depression

2009 Master Students      
WenqingWan uestc

Name: Wenqing Wan

Email:  625041593@qq.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

Master Thesis Title: Connectivity-Based Parcellation of Superior Parietal Cortex

2010 Master Students      
GuangyingZhang uestc

Name: Guangying Jiang

Email:  yezi_xue@126.com

Research  Interests: Functional MRI, Diffusion MRI, Parkison Disorder

Master Thesis Title: Functional and Structural MRI Based Study of Subthalamusnucleus in Parkinson Disease

ZhijunWang uestc

Name: Zhijun Wang

Email:  gin0101@126.com

Research  Interests: Brain Network

Master Thesis Title: Brain Network Group Algorithm and Software Platform Base on Image

2011 Master Students      
WentingXu uestc

Name: WentingXu

Email:  bmjklove@126.com

Research  Interests: fNIRS

Master Thesis Title: Brain Blood-Oxygen Detection BasedOn Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

JinpingXu uestc

Name: JinpingXu

Email:  jinpinxu@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

Master Thesis Title: Tractography-BasedParcellationand Subregional Connectivity of The Human Middle Temporal Gyrus

WenZhang uestc

Name:Wen Zhang

Email: zhangtianer@126.com

Research  Interests:Brain Atlas

Master Thesis Title: Connectivity-Based Parcellation of The Human Fusiform Gyrus


Name:Liqing Shang

Email: shanglq888@163.com

Research  Interests:Structural MRI and Network

Master Thesis Title: Structural MRI Based Study of Brain Network


Name:Changhai Li

Email: lichanghai2529@yahoo.com.cn

Research  Interests:fNIRS

Master Thesis Title:Multiple Weak Signal Parallel Acquistion Technology in fNIRS

2012 Master Students      
YanYin uestc

Name: Yan Yin

Email:  yan.yin.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

Master Thesis Title:  Connectivity_Based Parcellation of The Human Brodmann Area 32

XiuxiuLv uestc

Name: Xiuxiu Lv

Email:  xiuxiu.lv.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

Master Thesis Title: Connectivity-Based Parcellation of The Human Right Brodmann Area 46

JianYu uestc

Name: Jian Yu

Email:  jian.yu.ccm@gmail.com

Research  InterestsfNIRS

Master Thesis Title: Multi-Channel Brain Blood Oxygen Detecting System

RuiruiZhao uestc

Name: Ruirui Zhao

Email:  ruirui.zhao.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: fNIRS

Master Thesis Title: Integration and Portable Detection System of Cerebral Oxygenation and Performance Test

2013 Master Students      
XiuWu uestc

Name: Xiu Wu

Email:  xiu.wu.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Structure MRI, Depression

WenweiBi uestc

Name: Wenwei Bi

Email:  wenwei.bi.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Pattern Recognition, Schizophrenia

LuqiCheng uestc

Name: Luqi Cheng

Email:  luqi.cheng.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Neuroimaging and Brain Atlas

MengzeWang uestc

Name: Mengze Wang

Email:  mengze.wang.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Brain Atlas

2014 Master Students      
LinyuZhang uestc

Name: Yuling Zhang

Email:  yuling.zhang.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Structure MRI, Depression

MengzhuWang uestc

Name: Mengzhu Wang

Email:  mengzhu.wang.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Diffusion MRI, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

LongCao uestc

Name: Long Cao

Email:  long.cao.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Diffusion MRI, Obssive-Complusive Disorder


Name: Dingchen Zheng

Email:  dingchen.zheng.ccm@gmail.com

Research  Interests: Structure MRI, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia

2015 Master Students      
XuehuWei uestc

Name: Xuehu Wei

Email:  wxhsgtyf@126.com

Research  Interests: Functional MRI Analyses

MenglingRong uestc

Name: Menglin Rong

Email:  rongmenglin23@sina.com

Research  Interests: Functional MRI Analyses

JinfengZhang uestc

Name: Jinfeng Zhang

Email:  zhangjinfeng1019@163.com

Research  Interests: Structure MRI Analyses



We explore the mechanisms of brain disorders by studying genetically engineering mice brainnetome with neuroimaging, especially 9.4T and 16.4T MRI scanners, and other techniques. Convergent evidence has shown that brain functions can manifest on brain networks on different scales and brain malfunctions caused with most psychiatric disorders are faulty brain networks. In order to understand how the brain works and the pathophysiological mechanism of psychiatric disorders, it is necessary to integrate the multi-level network features obtained with various functional and anatomical brain imaging technologies on different scales. We have proposed a new concept of “Brainnetome” (www.brainnetome.org) to represent such integration framework. We define the essential components of brainnetome as identification of brain networks. (connectome), dynamics and characteristics of brain networks, network manifestation of functions and malfunctions of the brain, genetic basis of brain networks, and simulating and modeling for the Brainnetome. It envisions that Brainnetome will become an emerging co-frontier of brain imaging, information technology, neurology and psychiatry. Some long-standing issues in neuropsychiatry may be solved by combining Brainnetome with genome.

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