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Diffusion MRI toolkit

Brainnetome DiffusionKit is a light one-stop cross-platform solution to dMRI data analysis. The package delivers a complete pipeline from data format conversion to preprocessing, from local reconstruction to fiber tracking, and from fiber statistics to visualization.

It was developed as a cross-platform framework, using VTK [2] for visualization, and Qt for GUI design. Both GPU and CPU computing were implemented for visualization to achieve high frame-rate, for rendering complex scene like whole brain tractographs in particular. The project was managed using the compiler-independent CMake [3], which is compatible with gcc/g++ and MS Visual Studio, etc. Well-established algorithms, such as the DICOM conversion tool dcm2nii by Chris Rorden [4] and the constrained spherical deconvolution (CSD) for HARDI reconstruction in MRtrix [5], were adopted with improved interface and user experience.

  • Visit Manual page for a complete list of usage instructions.
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