Yujing Zhang

Yujin Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Brainnetome Center,
Institute of Automation
The Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100190, P. R. China

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brief History, Research Interests, Selected Publications,Awards and Honors, Brat, Paper Reading.

Brief History

Sep. 2007 - Jul.2013, Ph.D., National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal University, China

Sep. 2003 - Jul.2007, B.S., School of Electronic Information Engineering, Tianjin University, China

Research Interests

Spontaneous brain activations during resting state;

fucntional connectivity;

data analysis of functional near infrared spectroscopy;


Selected Publications

  • Yu-Jin Zhang, Lian Duan, Han Zhang, Bharat B. Biswal, Chun-Ming Lu, Chao-Zhe Zhu* (2012) “Determination of dominant frequency of resting-state brain interaction within one functional system.” PLoS ONE 7(12): e51584 (IF = 4.537)
  • Chun-Ming Lu1, Yu-Jin Zhang1, Bharat B. Biswal, Yu-Feng Zang, Dan-Ling Peng, Chao-Zhe Zhu*(2010). "Use of
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    fNIRS to assess resting state functional connectivity." Journal of Neuroscience Methods 186(2): 242-249.(共同第一作者)(IF= 2.4)
  • Yu-Jin Zhang, Chun-Ming Lu, Bharat B. Biswal, Yu-Feng Zang, Dan-Ling Peng, Chao-Zhe Zhu* (2010). "Detecting resting-state functional connectivity in the language system using functional near-infrared spectroscopy." J Biomed Opt 15(4): 047003. (IF = 3.48)
  • Lian Duan, Yu-Jin Zhang, Chao-Zhe Zhu* (2012). "Quantitative comparison of resting-state functional connectivity derived from fNIRS and fMRI: a simultaneous recording study." Neuroimage 60(4): 2008-2018. (IF=6.608)
  • Han Zhang, Yu-Jin Zhang, Lian Duan, Shuang-Ye Ma, Chun-Ming Lu, Chao-Zhe Zhu* (2011). "Is resting-state functional connectivity revealed by functional near-infrared spectroscopy test-retest reliable?" J Biomed Opt 16(6): 067008.(IF = 3.48)
  • Han Zhang, Yu-Jin Zhang, Chun-Ming Lu, Shuang-Ye Ma, Yu-Feng Zang, Chao-Zhe Zhu* (2010). "Functional connectivity as revealed by independent component analysis of resting-state fNIRS measurements." Neuroimage. (IF=6.608)
  • Han Zhang, Lian Duan, Yu-Jin Zhang, Chun-Ming Lu, Han-Li Liu, Chao-Zhe Zhu* (2011). "Test-retest assessment of independent component analysis-derived resting-state functional connectivity based on functional near-infrared spectroscopy." Neuroimage 55(2): 607-615. (IF=6.608)
  • Chunshui Yu*, Chaozhe Zhu, Yujin Zhang, Hai Chen, Wen Qin, Moli Wang, Kuncheng Li (2009). "A longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging study on Wallerian degeneration of corticospinal tract after motor pathway stroke." Neuroimage 47(2): 451-458. (IF=6.608)
  • Kaiyuan Zhang, Chunshui Yu, Yujin Zhang, Xiaoli Wu, Chaozhe Zhu, Piu Chan, Kuncheng Li* (2011). "Voxel-based analysis of diffusion tensor indices in the brain in patients with Parkinson's disease." Eur J Radiol 77(2): 269-273. (IF= 2.617)
  • Wang, L., Yu, C., Chen, H., Qin, W., He, Y., Fan, F., Zhang, Y., Wang, M.,Li, K., Zang, Y., Woodward, T. S., Zhu, C. (2010). "Dynamic functional reorganization of the motor execution network after stroke." Brain 133(Pt 4): 1224-1238. (IF=10.545)

Awards and Honors

2012 National Scholarship

2011 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Engagement Fund of Beijing Normal University

2010 Trainee abstract awards, the 16th Annual meeting of OHBM


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